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Interlude server.

Opening Date - 11.11.22 - 20:00 +3MSC
The main currency of the server: Adena.

Rates Exp\Sp:
Drop: x2
Spoil: x2
Adena: x2

Raid Boss Drop х1 Exp\SP: x3
Seal Stones: x2,
Quest: x1

Costums - 15 COL
Shield - 5 COL
Accessories - 5 COL
Agations - 5 COL
Premium Account - 1 day - 1 COL, 7 days - 3 COL, 14 days - 5 COL, 30 days - 8 COL (PA give +30% rates)
Color title, change sex, color name, change name - 10 COL


Ring of Core - 1500 FA
Earring of Orfen - 2000 FA
Zaken's Earring - 3000 FA
Ring of Queen Ant - 5000 FA
Earring of Antharas - 10000 FA
Frintezza's Neclace - 7000 FA
Ring of Baium - 7500 FA
Neclace of Valakas - 15000 FA


Server Features:

1. Mobs in all locations are 2 times more than usual! (Not including dino island, rift)

2. Polearm Cut - Polearm damage to multiple targets is reduced by 10% for each subsequent target.

3. From all RB in the world, a drop of FA coins (Festival Adena) has been added, the sale of EPIC jewelry has been realized for the Fa!
From 20-29 rb to 5-10 fa, from 30-39 to 10-15fa, from 40-52 to 15-20fa, from 53-59 to 20-25fa, from 60-69 to 25-30fa, from 70-74 to 35-40fa, from 75+ to 45-50fa

4. We have implemented a system of achievements with small awards.
Command to open the achievements menu - .a


Newbie buffer
up to and including level 40. WITHOUT the npc buffer. Buffs time is standard.
Dances, songs, buff of a horse and a cat for 3 minutes.

The limit on windows is 6 windows per 1 pc.

Global chat - !Shout and #Trade.

Teleport is paid from level 1.

Cursed weapons disabled

Auto loot.

Without auto-learning skills, books are needed to learn skills.

7 Seals - standard cycle (week-week).
Registration for 7 seals will start from 14.11 (Monday).

The maximum level difference for the distribution of Exp/SP/Drop in a party is 19 levels.

Chance of enchant 60% for all things.

All epic bosses are alive from the start of the server.
Ant Queen(40 lvl) - respawn 2 days at 20:00-21:00 Moscow time (1 hour random) - chance of dropping the ring 30%
Core(50lvl) - respawn 2 days at 18:00-19:00 Moscow time (1 hour random) - chance to drop the ring 30%
Orfen(50lvl) - respawn 2 days at 19:00-20:00 Moscow time (1 hour random) - chance drop earrings 30%
Zaken(60lvl) - respawn 4 days at 21:00-22:00 Moscow Time (1 hour random),
the doors to zaken open at 21:30 and will be closed in 10 minutes!
Baium - respawn 6 days at 22:00-23:00 Moscow time (1 hour random)
Frintezza - respawn 5 days at 21:00-22:00 Moscow time (1 hour random)
Antharas - respawn 8 days at 22:00-23:00 Moscow time (1 hour random)
Valakas - respawn 11 days 22:00-23:00 Moscow time (1 hour random)


For convenience, the .relog command has been added to clear FPS.

An option that allows you to give the rights to take things from the clan warehouse not only to the clan .clan

Service for displaying Epic bosses and their spawn time .epic

The command to call the clan Clan Leader .summon_clan .km-all-to-me .rcm (cost 1kk adena, CD 30 minutes)

Offline trading service .offline

personal settings, stop experience, etc.

Shift+Click on the monster: full information about the drop, spoiler.

language change - .ru -Russian .en -english

/olympiadstat - statistics on the Olympiad

.a - achievements menu

1 proffesion - 1 COL
2 proffesion - 10 COL
For each mark you will receive an additional
300k adena.
3 proffesion - Full quest.
Full Quest
Full Quest
The Olympiad period is a month, fights take place every day from 18:00 to 00:00.
The sharpening limit at the Olympics is weapons +7, armor +6, jewelry +6
To start an extra-class battle, 5 people are needed, for class 5 people.
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осада.png Castle sieges
On the server, the siege of 3 towns (Dion, Oren and Aden) will be launched.
For capturing the castle for the 1st time, an additional reward in the form of COL will be given
Start time for all sieges - 16:00 Moscow time every week on Sunday
- Reward 5 COL
- Reward 10 COL
- Reward 15 COL