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Opening date - 30.07.22- 16:00 Moscow time

Rates Exp\Sp:x7
Raid Boss Exp:x3/drop: x1
Seal Stones:x2
Quest: reward adena/exp/sp x2

Server features:

1. WITHOUT NPC buffer, newby buff up to lvl 40
2. The time of all buffs from the players is 2 hours. Initial 24 buff slots (+4 Divine Inspiration)
3. A drop of FA coins (Festival Adena) has been added from all RBs in the world, for FA the sale of EPIC jewelry has been implemented!
4. MP potions are sold on the server in the Game Shop - 500mp rollback 30 seconds
5. Teleport is free, and Global Group of Companies is also implemented for faster movement around the world
6. Auto learning skills (Not including books for buff slots)
7. Mobs in all locations are 2 times more than usual!
8.Professions Scavenger(Spoil 1 pro) at lvl 28 added a new skill:
Mass Sweeper


Our server is against bots, any automation of the process will be banned (bot programs, interfaces, mouse macros, sweaty pussies)
-Protection from third-party files of the client, the game is allowed only with our patch from the site!
-Protection from bots

Server NPC:

Global Gatekeeper

Сommunity Board (ALT + B) is also implemented in it, all server stores are available as well as a teleport around the world
!!Works only in the city


Added .relog command to clear FPS for convenience.
An option that allows you to give rights to take things from the clan warehouse not only to CL .clan
Service for displaying Epic bosses and their spawn time .epic
Autoheal function with .acp pots
Command to call a clan Clan Leader .summon_clan .km-all-to-me .rcm (cost 1kk adena, cooldown 30 minutes)
Service "offline trading" .offline
/unstuck 20 seconds.
.cfg personal settings, experience stop, etc.
Shift+Click on the monster: complete information about the drop, spoiler.
Cursed weapons are disabled.
Alt+click on a buff to remove it

1 proff - 100к adeba
2 proff - 1кк adena
3 proff - Full Quest
Sub-Class: Full Quest
Noblesse: Full Quest

Olympiad: The period of the Olympiad is 1 week, fights take place every day from 18:00 to 00:00. Thursday to Thursday

To start a non-class battle, 5 people are needed, for class battles 5 people.
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