Event Collect Medal(Eng)


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Event Collect Medal
Event start: May 28, 2024
End of the event: June 28, 2024

Dear players! From May 28 to June 28, 2024, all monsters will leave medals when defeating them.

Depending on the level of your collector, various rewards will be available to you: the higher the level, the more valuable the prizes.

Ordinary medals can be exchanged for various prizes, and gold medals are used to increase the level of trust. It is also possible to exchange ordinary medals for gold and vice versa, at a fixed rate.
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How can I raise the collector's level?

Bring Winnie some Glittering Medals and play the Heads/Tails game with her. If you guess correctly, Vinnie will raise your level, and Roy will have more rewards available. If you lose, don't worry — you'll be lucky next time! The higher the level, the higher the stakes in the game.

To level up, you will need:
  • Rabbit - 5 Glittering Medal (1 attempt);
  • Hyena - 10 Glittering Medal (1 attempt);
  • Fox - 20 Glittering Medal (1 attempt);
  • Wolf - 40 Glittering Medal (1 attempt).
The list of prizes at the maximum level.
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